Hot Bikini

Breaking Fashion News!

Breaking Fashion News! ~Well, at least for bikini shoppers!

Who cares about anything else anyways?
If you look good in a bikini, you can look good in anything!

Oh yeah, back to the breaking news: Finally, luxury swimsuit companies are making tiny sexy bikinis!

We don’t work so hard on our sexy beach bodies for nothing! We no longer have to surrender to the hierarchy of runway fashion experts to tell us that potato sacks are sexy. Speaking of Saks, Saks 5th is even starting to carry some tiny sexy bikinis. One bikini in particular seems to out shine the rest.

And first place goes to…(drum roll please, silly)

The Pucker Bottom Bikini!

(Claps, Cheers, and Screams from every sexy beach girl worldwide!)

Enough Sarcasm, on a serious note, the pucker bottom bikini truly is making an impression on the runways and major luxury bikini brands.

Sexy is back, and the pucker bottom is leading the way.
Roll the red carpet out._._._.

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