Bikini Babe

I found what you’re looking for!

-We’ve decided that we need a pucker bottom bikini. —We know we want to look like a sexy bikini model. —–We know we love luxury fashion. ——-And we MUST be the hottest girl on the beach So, I’ve done a little research and solved your sexy bikini break-down! There are a few luxury swimsuit brands that have super hot bikinis, including the pucker butt bikini, white bikini, triangle top bikini, all of the basics. I saw them at Miami Beach Fashion Week. One of them is an Italian company that has awesome luxury micro bikinis, but don’t sell in the US. And the other is TeenyB Bikini Couture they have a full collection of micro bikinis and pucker butt bottom bikinis in luxury fabrics and rhinestone accents, and a bunch of new styles that I’ve never seen before! To check them out, visit: You can’t fake fashion like that….